Structural Engineering Project: Châtillon Montrouge Station

The Chatillon-Montrouge station is a 110m long and 27m wide station of the T3C section. The main box is made up of 7 levels: Radier, platform slabs, running floors from N-4 to N-1 and the cover slab. It consists of an underground main body, an access and a connecting corridor, half underground and half overhead.

It is located near the Chatillon Montrouge metro station (metro 13), under the intersection of « Marx Dormoy » avenue and « Jean Jaures Avenue », under the « Châtillon-Montrouge » bus station.

The duct and the air intake shaft on the east side are located in the right-of-way of the SNCF technicenter on the left bank.

The main focus of our engineers during this structural engineering project was on the Revit model, formwork drawings and reinforcement drawings of the deep box main station and part of the emerging passenger building.

génie civil Châtillon Montrouge - ouvrage d'art Châtillon Montrouge - génie civil paris
génie civil Châtillon Montrouge - ouvrage d'art Châtillon Montrouge - génie civil paris

Our Civil Engineering mission: Station of Chatillon Montrouge Paris

Our team at SERS apply their impressive expertise to guarantee a successful execution of the structural engineering project they worked on, which is Chatillon Montrouge station in Paris. Our civil engineers followed a particular and a professional process to finish the project on time and with no delay. Thanks to the great work our experts provided as well as to our high-quality equipment, we established an effective plan for the execution of the Chatillon Montrouge Paris station project.

Contracting authority: Société du Grand Paris

Contracting authority: RATP

Start date: 2018

Phase: Detailed design phase of projects

City: Bagneux, Châtillon and Montrouge in the Hauts-De-Seine departments, Paris

Our Missions :

  • Designing formwork drawings for the entire station from a Revit model
  • Developing of reinforcement drawings
  • Carrying out calculation missions (modelling and calculation notes) for the roofing slab