The project is mainly located near the Quai Auguste Deshaies. It will include the programs below:

  • Activity or catering areas mainly in on the ground floor or the G+1 of the buildings;
  • Co-residence areas (mainly in G+7);
  • Dwellings of type T1 to T5 distributed on 10 to 19 floor levels.

The property complex (288 dwellings) is made up as follows:

  • Tower 1 (G+10 + duplex) which includes: 3 commercial premises on the ground floor, Town Hall and 43 dwellings.
  • Tower 2 (G+16) which comprises: 3 commercial premises and one business premises (G+1), 5 duplex townhouses on the 1st floor, accessible from the ground floor through independent entrances, and 66 dwellings.
  • The Tower 4 (of G+18) which includes: A building for residential use (G+3) including on the ground floor a room for activities (room 10) and 41 dwellings.
  • Tower 5 (of G+15 + duplex) which includes: 4 commercial premises on the ground floor, 2 town houses on the 1st floor, accessible from the ground floor by independent entrances, 60 dwellings.

There is also a two-level parking lot in the basement:

  • Grounds with 191 parking spaces and 352RM;
  • A delivery area for shops;
  • Outdoor areas.

-Contracting authority: SOGEPROM

-Project management: EDEIS, STAR

-Start date: 2020

-Phase: Detailed design phase of projects

-City: Paris

Our Missions :

  • Carrying out calculation missions (modelling and calculation notes)
  • Realisation of formwork drawings,
  • Realisation of reinforcement drawings