The operation includes the construction of a building complex of 42 social rental housing units of the G+1 to G+2 type, including 20 collective and 22 intermediate units, on a partial basement level for a parking (42 parking spaces).

All of the residential buildings on the ground floor and first floor are classified as a 2nd collective family.

This building complex is spread over two plots (1 PC for each plot):

  • Parcel 145: With 1 collective building G+2 and 2 intermediates G+1 (5 and 6) on a basement level.
  • Parcel 150: 4 intermediates (1 to 4) on the ground floor without basement.

Contracting authority: EFIDIS

Contracting authority: ATELIER B.L.M, CMOTEC, ECAU

Structural engineering consulting firm: ERIGEA

Start date: 2019

Phase: Detailed design phase of projects

City: Chatou

Our Missions :

  • Creation of notes and calculation models,
  • Realisation of formwork drawings,
  • Realisation of reinforcement drawings