Construction Engineering Project: Stations Connection

SERS’ construction engineering consultants executed the tender phase of line 18 and the connections of a number of stations in France. Fundamentally, line 18 will serve 10 stations, from “Orly Airport”to “Versailles” Chantiers via the “Saclay plateau” and “Massy-Palaiseau” station. Besides, this station’s connection will create a fast gateway to Paris thanks to its connection with line 14 at “Orly airport” station. Also, it will allow easy and quick transport to all the cities and regions of France. Moreover, it will improve and facilitate the transport and access to the other european countries thanks to the connections at “Massy-Palaiseau” (TGV) and “Orly airport”. Subsequently, it will ensure the connection of the major economic centers located in “Orly”, “Antony”, “Massy”, “Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines” and “Versailles”. Our experts in civil engineering Dubai have a mission that focuses on validating the squared timber in the tender phase.

Here are some details regarding our construction mission:

Contracting authority: Société du Grand Paris

Contractors: ICARE, ARCADIS

Start date: 2019

Phase: Detailed design phase of projects

City: Essonne – des Yvelines

Our Missions :

  • Carrying out calculation missions (modeling and calculation notes)
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