Construction Engineering Consulting: Station Interconnection

A qualified construction engineering consultant Dubai of our team of engineers took charge of the civil engineering project of the “Chatillon Montrouge” Station in France. The “Châtillon Montrouge” station will be interconnected with the current terminus of line 13 and the “T6 tramway” station by creating a covered aerial footbridge that will cross over the tracks over the existing platforms. Besides, a transversal passage, perpendicular to the axis of the railways, provides access to the quays from the “Bernard-Jussieu alley” in “Châtillon”, to the west, or from the “Marx-Dormoy” avenue straddling the territories of “Bagneux” and “Montrouge”, to the east. The station has three tracks, and the 30 m deep platforms are aerial. The departure station, surrounded by two lanes, has a display indicating from which lane the next train will depart and its destination: “Asnières” – “Gennevilliers” or “Saint-Denis”. The arrival platform is lateral. With the great expertise of our construction engineering consultant Dubai and the high-quality of our equipment, we ensured a brilliant execution of this construction project.

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Construction Engineering Mission:

Our team of engineers are recognized by being ethically committed to the development of the executions of high-quality construction solutions. Mainly, we rely on modern and performing equipment, tools and techniques: BIM, prestressing, time dynamics calculations, rupture studies, fire calculation.

We present you some details regarding our construction engineering mission:

Contracting authority: RATP

Contracting authority: RATP

Start date: 2018

Phase: Detailed design phase of projects

City: Châtillon and Montrouge

Our Missions :

  • Carrying out calculation missions (modelling and calculation notes)
  • Developing formwork drawings.
  • Developing reinforcement drawings
  • Carrying out method studies (operating procedures, phasing drawings, temporary shielding structures, etc.).