Civil Engineering Construction: Highway Bypass in Strasbourg

Supplied by high-quality equipment, SERS‘ team of qualified civil engineering construction in Dubai ensured a successful mission for a project in Strasbourg, France. Our professional engineers provided reliable and authentic structural engineering solutions to carry out the construction of a 24 km highway bypass in 2-lane mode, 2 interchanges, 4 connected bypass axes, 2 diffusers, 50 common structures, 2 viaducts (470 m long) and 1 covered trench 300 m long.

This civil engineering construction enables to connect the junction between the A4 and A35, the northern highway bypass of Strasbourg, to the junction between the A35 and the A352 in the south. Our mission focused, primarily, on providing useful and effective consulting engineering in order to guarantee a flawless.

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Our Construction Mission:

The consultants of SERS carried out the execution of the construction of Highway Bypass, located in the West of Strasbourg in France. Our engineers put all their expertise to manage and execute successfully that civil engineering project. Thanks to the great professionalism of our structural engineers and the high-quality equipment, we provided a successful execution of Highway Bypass in the West of Strasbourg.

Here are some details regarding our construction mission in Strasbourg:

Project Management : ARCOS – VINCI Autoroutes

Start date : 2016

Phase : Execution

City : Strasbourg

Notre mission :

  • Developing plans for construction reinforcement
  • Developing formwork plans
  • Execution of calculation tasks (modeling and calculation notes)

SERS’ Engineering Construction Dubai:

Our successful missions for French construction projects are proof of the professionalism and the expertise of our consulting firm in Dubai. Our team of civil engineering construction Dubai is capable of providing all the high-quality solutions for the execution of international projects. Thanks to the cleverness and the commitment of our engineers, the performance and effectiveness of our solutions and the quality of our research are on a brilliant level.