Civil Engineering of Well P04: Parc Robespierre in Paris

The appendix OA-P04 Well is located in « Parc Robespierre». This parc is found in the commune of « Bagneux » in « the Hauts-de-Seine », Paris.
The design of this Bagneux Paris civil engineering project was carried out by the competent structural engineers of SERS Paris.
The shaft is excavated inside a molded-wall enclosure, of bi-lobic shape consisting of two symmetrical circular parts. All together, both parts form the main body of the structure. It is approximately 36.7 m deep. Moreover, the internal dimension of the lobes is 22.1m in the axis of the tunnel and 24m in the axis perpendicular to the tunnel.

The well consists of two parts:

  • The West lobe where the functionalities related to the operation of the tunnel are located (fire brigade access, ventilation plant and technical premises)
  • The Eastern lobe where the floors of the data center are located, which are off the market.
ouvrage d'art Bagneux paris - Génie civil Paris - Ingénierie Paris

Our Structural and Construction Mission:

The consultants of SERS were entrusted with the construction of Well P04, located in the Robespierre park in Paris. Our engineers put all their expertise to manage and execute successfully that civil engineering project. Thanks to the great professionalism of our structural engineers and the high-quality equipment, we provided a flawless execution for the Well P04 construction in Bagneux Paris.

Here are some details regarding our construction mission in Bagneux Paris:

Project management:  SETEC TPI, INGEROP

Start date : 2017

Phase : Detailed design execution of projects

City : Issy-Les-Moulineaux, Vanves, Clamart, Malakoff, Châtillon, Montrouge (92), Bagneux, Arcueil, Cachan, Villejuif (94)

Our Missions : 

  • Developing of reinforcement drawings
  • Creation of formwork design/drawings on revit
  • Carrying out the calculation mission (modelling and calculation notes)