Stuctural Engineering Construction Project: Line 15 South Villejuif Station

The « Villejuif Gustave-Roussy » station is one of the most important stations in the Greater Paris works programme. It will be crossed by two metro lines of the Grand Paris Express: line 14 South and line 15 South.

The new metro station 15 of « Villejuif-Institut Gustave Roussy » will provide a link between the urban and landscape city: at the crossroads of the Institut Gustave Roussy, the new ZAC Campus Grand Parc and the « Hautes Bruyères » departmental park.

At 48 metres underground, this station will be one of the deepest of the « Grand Paris Express » line 15 South.

Our mission of structural engineering construction focuses on the underground of the main station, including the final canopy.

Structural Engineering Construction - Civil Engineering Duabi - Consultants Duabi
Structural Engineering Construction - Civil Engineering Duabi - Consultants Duabi

Our Civil Engineering Missions:

The civil engineering consultants Dubai of SERS provide an effective execution of the extension of line 15 South, located in Villejuif Gustave Roussy Station, in Paris, France. Our professional engineers and technicians put all their expertise to develop accurate structural engineering construction solutions to the execution of this project. The great professionalism of our qualified engineers and the high-performing equipment, we ensure a successful execution of extension of line 15 South.

We present you some information about this structural engineering mission of SERS:

Contracting authority : Société du Grand Paris

Project management: Group led by SETEC

Grouping : VINCI Construction Grands Projets (Leader) – VINCI Construction France – Dodin Campenon Bernard – BOTTE Fondations – SPIE batignolles génie civil and SPIE batignolles fondations

Start date: 2017

Phase: Detailed design phase of projects

City: Bagneux, Châtillon and Montrouge in the Hauts-De-Seine departments

Our Missions :

  • Drawing up formwork drawings from a Revit model
  • Developing reinforcement drawings
  • Carrying out calculation missions (modelling and calculation notes)

SERS’ Structural Engineering :

SERS civil engineering consulting firm Dubai marks its presence by the professionalism of its engineers and the brilliance of its structural engineering solutions. Our team of expert engineers work on prestigious projects. And therefore, we made ethical commitment to the development of our executions.