Civil Engineering Project: Extension of Line 4 South Verdun Access

The civil engineering construction project of Line 4 subway consists of the extension of the line from « Porte d’Orléans » to « Bagneux ».

This contract represents the second phase of the project, the purpose of which is to extend the line between « mairie de Montrouge » and « Bagneux » (the second phase – Lot 1).

The main access is located at the corner of Avenue Henri Ginoux and Avenue of Verdun, in the commune of « Montrouge ». It is a structure approximately 27m wide, 35m long and 26m deep when finished.

The mission of our team of qualified engineers focuses on the reinforcement drawings for the final structures of the Verdun access road. In other words, we basically carry out the design of this civil engineering construction project in Verdun, France.

civil engineering construction project
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Our Structural Engineering Mission

SERS provides an effective execution of the extension of line 4 south, located in Verdun Access. Our structural engineering consultants put all their expertise to carry out successfully the design of this civil engineering construction project. The great reputation of our civil engineering consulting firm and the high-quality equipment our engineers rely on, guarantees a successful execution of extension of line 4 South.

We present you some details regarding this civil engineering mission of SERS:

Contracting authority: RATP

Project management: SYSTRA, LIN, ING

Start date: 2018

Phase: Detailed design phase of projects

City: Bagneu

Our Missions :

  • Executing of reinforcement drawings/design
  • Carrying out calculation missions (modelling and calculation notes)

SERS’ Civil Engineering Project:

SERS civil engineering consulting Dubai marks its presence by its samples of work delivered. Our team of expert engineers work on prestigious projects. And therefore, we made ethical commitment to the development of our executions. Besides, we rely on modern and performing equipment, tools and techniques: BIM, prestressing, time dynamics calculations, rupture studies, fire calculation.